this is the final confirmed schedule!  (finally!)

thursday 23rd june: because the 24th is a holiday here, we plan on celebrating with the rest of the city by watching fireworks and partying.  if you have the means to make it, i would highly recommend it.

friday 24 june:  goldsprint party at sidecar, 11:30h until we finish.  €5 entry gets you a beer, music, and all the roller racing you can hope for.

saturday 25 june:  we're working to put on a small swap meet at 13h, with the European Polo Championships.  You can find a map here.

the mainrace will be held at 21.30 at the Arc de Triomf.  it will be a 90-minute points race with checkpoints all over the city; we start at 22h sharp and racers should be at the finish line by 23:30h.  prizes for first, second, and third-placed team (teams of three!), and for the first-placed guy and first-placed grrrl.

BRING A MAP! and a helmet, a pen, and a lock.

later (round 0h, tell your friends) we're going to the bar at c/ Botella, 2.  beers €2, mixed drinks €4.  sweet deal!

sunday 26 june:  they heroes who are riding to madrid for the ecmc are leaving in the morning.  if you care to ride one day with them drop us a line.

all of these events coincide with the european polo championship!  sweet!